Getting Stroked Off By A Sexy Girlfriend
In my opinion, there are two kinds of girlfriends. Those that really don't like cocks all that much and do everything they can to avoid them, and girlfriends who love their guy's tube steak so much they just can't keep their hands off of it. Fortunately, this hot GF I found on Club Tug appears to fall in the latter category.

This gallery starts out pretty simply with this guy sitting on the couch with his girl taking a few moments to get to know the real her. After all, this is their first date and this guy is really into this beautiful young woman.

However, this chick didn't stop by his apartment to talk. She came by to have some fun. That is why when she gets bored with the conversation she decides to spice things up a little bit. As quick as a flash, this guy's new girlfriend rips off his boxers and begins to play with his now hardening cock. Before he even has the chance to ask her what she is doing, she wraps her fingers around his dick and gives it a nice big squeeze. It isn't long before this guy is in handjob heaven.