Happy Ending Madness At A Massage Parlor
There isn't a guy on the planet who could resist a happy ending from a masseuse. Especially one that has as big a tits as this chick has. Now, most guys would dole out a great deal of cash to get a hand job from this chick. And the guy in this Club Tug gallery is no different.

Of course, he got pretty fucking lucky. Because he didn't pay for a tug job from this little hot massage artists. In fact, he wasn't even thinking about getting his cock stroked when he entered this massage parlor. He just wanted to have the tension worked from his muscles.

This babe had a different idea entirely. She believed in the full-service massage. Which in her mind not only meant rubbing out his muscles but also rubbing out his cock. And that is exactly what she did. She wrapped her fingers around his thick rod and began rubbing it with everything she had.

Needless to say, this was the best rub down this guy ever received. I just hope that after he shot his load he had the presence of mind to ask this chick for her number. She definitely has some skills.