Melody Jordan's Tug Job Audition
Bob works for Club Tug and he has the pleasure of auditioning some of the talent. A job I'm sure he loves since he gets to spend all day getting hand jobs from porn stars and pornstar wannabes. I know I would be happier than a fly in shit if that was my job.

Today, however, is really a special day for him. That's because Melody Jordan has walked into his office to audition for a tug job porn video. Are you fucking kidding me? I just don't understand how one guy can be so damn lucky. To have this busty redhead adult actress pulling on his cock until he comes. Man, that must be the life.

And thanks to this cock stroking gallery, we can all see what a lucky bastard this guy is as Melody Jordan stroked his dick with such skill and confidence that it almost made me shoot my wad. After watching this scene, I have just one question. How do I get a crack at getting this job?