Cheerleader Gives Coach A Cock Jerking
Becoming a cheerleader for a major university is pretty fucking rough. Especially when you know that you are going to have to give your coach a handjob just to be considered for the position. And that is why you gotta feel for this hot eighteen year old girl I found on Club Tug.

All she wants to do is be a cheerleader. All her coach wants from her is a good hand job. I guess when two people's desires come into conflict with each other there is room for compromise. At least, that is what this sexy teen thought.

Without thinking about the chance that she might ruin her uniform with his cum, this babe got down and started stroking his cock off with everything she could muster. I mean she really pulled out all of the stops to make this guy have the hardest orgasm of his life. Fuck, she even spat into her palms for a little lubrication.

Unfortunately, she still didn't get the cheerleader job. After all, he really can't have a chick that goes around giving guys tug jobs on his cheer squad now can he? Sometimes not even a good handy can get you ahead.